Couple tips for farming Photographers on making the most of spare time during Covid 19

Hope your all staying safe during this extremely difficult time. The latest project is currently at the printers & the weather has been extremely kind so everything is going well. But……. if you are stuck indoors cleaning the camera, reminiscing on past moments captured on the very SD Card your about to store away,  counting down the days to the next shoot or event which can be unclear when that will be at this time. Why put it away again when this can be a great time to try some new things, get creative , sharpen up & widen the possibilities of your craft.

Using models to practice new angles

After all they are just a scaled down version of what you would normally be photographing, so the camera angles will come out roughly the same as full scale tractor / car / bike etc. Also with it being something a lot smaller & static you can position it wherever you like admittingly it won’t be exactly the same but it can give you enough of an idea on what looks good & what maybe needs work. Why not recreate a scaled down version of a scene you’ve shot before & see how accurate you can get the lighting / angles etc. Challenge yourself.

Is your equipment & camera kit fit for purpose? 

Now I’m not saying you need to go & buy all new kit. or that this gives you permission to buy the new million megapixel DLSR with that you’ve had your eye on for a while, but have a check through & make sure all the essential items you need for a shoot / event, are up to scratch.  As it can be easy when on the go a lot to forget for example, that you dropped the lens cleaning cloth & now its got more dust & debris than the lens your about to clean & therefore need a replacement. Make sure your prepared & ready so as soon as Covid 19 is over, then you are fresh & ready for the next client.



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